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Project: Prints and Mixed Media

The subject matter, antiquity vs. the image of the figure of antiquity is being represented here.

Superimposing the image of the lady in waiting or the man with the torch represents the modern day person and the struggle with power. The modern day version of man and woman is shown here in symbolic form from antiquity.

The pattern and the stitch represent to the viewer the images from antiquity that explain we are patched together stitch by stitch. The kind of stitch we use is our pattern of being. A crisscross-stitch would mean we have placed ourselves in our niche.

We come from a mold. Those of us who find wisdom from ages past are likened to the old soul. Those who are light worthy from the present are likened to the rainbow, crystal or indigo child. Placing ourselves, growing and learning about ourselves from this mold, alerts us of questions about who and what we are. Are we the terror or the magic? The one who sits by? The men at court? The lady who holds a staff or rides a discus? We ask the question–Who am I?

These prints are examples of the how each image is placed on the page and what it is placed therewith.

A meaning is found about the figurative imagery and other conceptual devices adding to the work. The environment of the image is telling. It helps define what is already there, more specifically.

With each piece, the project and the idea grow. Conceptually, there are many intertwining ways in which these images can be connected and this project is an exploration of such a journey.


Project: Works with Paper

Paper comes in all sizes, colors and shapes. Each piece assists the user with the next, whether you are writing a document, creating a work of art, expressing some other creative function. The ins and outs of making paper are quite amazing and fulfilling. One shreds the end result of the paper and creates a new piece with that end result. Why not paint it, cut it up and put it back together because that is the way of paper?