Portfolio: Collaborations: Karen Kinney


Portfolio: Collaborations: Liz Duer



Portfolio: Collaborations: Odenis Vitoreli




Project: Collaboration One: Karen Kinney


Teresa’s painting style creates structured elements that provide a grid for Karen’s collage work to enter and add details to an unfolding story. The geometric elements in Teresa’s viewpoint create a backbone for Karen’s organic, more fluid explanation of the scene itself. They work together to combine their styles in order to create a story that is both whimsical and mysterious.  Meeting Point creates a clear distinction between paint and collage, both of which work together to push and pull the space in the piece. Diagonals and sharp edges intersect with one another at different points, creating a kind of axis or meeting point that expresses the angularity of the piece. There is an emotional quality to Meeting Point that begins a story that is continued in Time Remembered.  Time Remembered creates windows in time that reveal pieces of a journey begun in the first piece. The emotional travails that began in Meeting Point have transformed into a specific place, one of nurture and reflection, one that allows for reminiscing and recovering from the initial journey. The story is revealed only in parts, creating mystery and causing curiosity in the viewer.

Project: Collaboration Two: Liz Duer


We recognized opposites reacting, the overlay of opposites, the recreation, as such, through different eyes, and a very personal experience.

We gave each other a sample of our work, which has then been recreated through opposing eyes. The piece, then becomes, an interpretation of the other collaborator, but each is forced to compliment the artistry of the other’s style and concept.

Teresa emerges with a piece that is the opposition of what is beneath. Geometry and organic vulnerability take the piece into a more recognizable universe.

Liz enters an amorphous circle, and creates a world of waves and undulating splotches that become as abstract, but communicative to the viewer, as possible.


Project: Collaboration Three: Odenis Vitorelli


Odenis has an emotional look at layers of paper and paint wherein the artist has transferred images, thus creating a canvas of textures and painted surfaces surmounting the entirety of the piece.

Teresa’s use of blocks of color to tie the piece together create areas of transparency and opacity that confound each other in a superimposed fashion.

Both artists’ use of color, juxtaposed with an architectural make up, create a whimsical quality that is tied to emotion and a hierarchy of form that one cannot let go.